Juicy gossip!

So the word on L Chat is that Miss Brandi Carlile allegedly has a new lady friend. It’s all just rumor as of right now but pretty interesting gossip nonetheless! I’ll make sure to keep you all posted when or if this gets confirmed. In the mean time this video is awesome and funny.

In other news, I know I’ve been getting a load of hits because of my post about Megan Fox. I have to admit I’ve been spending way too much time reading this entertaining thread about Miss Megan on L Chat. I thought her whole statement on bisexual women was out there, but it gets worse. much worse.  As beautiful as she is, the woman has no class what-so-ever. Don’t hate me. It’s just my opinion.

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New older Brandi Carlile pictures!!

Someone posted a few old pictures of Brandi on L Chat that I’ve never seen before.

2 words.

Short. Hair.

She looks really cute and the jacket she’s sporting is pretty sweet.

I know I’ve said this before but I really prefer Brandi with shorter hair. The woman is gorgeous, but I think it’s time she chopped it all off again.  What say you, readers?

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AfterEllen Hot 100 and L Chat

AfterEllen.com announced their Hot 100 list for 2009 today. I don’t know how to feel about it. Half the people in the top 10 aren’t even gay. I guess it shouldn’t matter, but there are so many hot lesbian/bisexual women out there, I can’t help but be frustrated about so many women being overlooked. Portia Di Rossi grabbed the top spot though which is AWESOME! I’ve developed such a crush on her since Better Off Ted. Sigh


Oh, and Lena Headey came in at number 3! I don’t mind.

Brandi Carlile was noticeably absent though, which is mind blowing. I don’t understand lesbians. I really don’t.

Speaking of lesbians and Brandi Carlile, L’ Anonymous is practically dead since lez_admin required registration. I suggest all my fellow anonymous forum loving lezzies check out L Chat.

ETA: Rachel Maddow at #6 on AE Hot 100 makes me a very happy girl. There’s just something about her and I don’t give a flying fuck what those snarky, self loathing bitches have to say on L Chat.  So there!

Oh my..she looks cuuuute!

Some lovely lez posted these old pics of Brandi Carlile on L’Anon and she almost looks like a totally different person, especially with the blond highlights and short hair. I wonder if she’ll ever cut her hair again.  I vote yes!

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Brandi Carlile rocks!

All I can say is thank god for the bitch and snark fest that is L’Anonymous (an anonymous lesbian message board) because without that forum I never would have discovered the awesomeness that is Brandi Carlile! There’s a thread dedicated to her there and I guess I’ve been living under a rock for the past few years because I had never heard of her before. I’m disappointed in myself. Ha Ha! According to L’Anon, Brandi and her girlfriend are soon to be married so I guess she’s off the market. Too bad.

Check this out:

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